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«AQUATHERMAL offers you ecological heating (and cooling) solutions».

With AQUATHERMAL's heat pump range you are able to reduce your daily expenses and to contribute to something important, that is, the preservation of our planet's livelihood via more efficient use of the earth's energy resources.

AQUATHERMAL is a first mover in the field of heating (and cooling), offering latest technology heat pumps with heating and cooling functions and with an energy rating of «A+».

By using heat pumps, the cost savings you will earn are estimated as being up to 85% compared to the cost of heating using petrol and up to 45% compared to the cost of  heating using natural gas (it is even cheaper if you are charged with night-time, off-peak usage rates).

«AQUATHERMAL's products have been designed to satisfy your daily heating (and cooling) needs, either for your home or your workplace. In addition, our products allow you to have hot water all year round».

You are able to control the temperature of your living or working environment, and as a direct result you can increase the comfort of your home or workplace as well as save energy and save money. Furthermore, AQUATHERMAL's products hardly make a sound.

The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of our products is quite high (up to 4,7). That means that for every 1kWh of electrical energy, the system produces 4,7kWh of heating (or cooling) energy.

«AQUATHERMAL offers a Greece-wide service network comprised of specially trained expert staff to ensure that you will receive the best and fastest customer service possible».

Each product is accompanied by the required product certifications and all products come with a 3 year performance guarantee. Within the 3 year period, AQUATHERMAL guarantees the correct installation and performance of its products.

«At AQUATHERMAL you will find the ideal product that suits your specific needs. There are many reasons that we are differentiated from our competitors!»