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There are multiple advantages of heat pumps:

  • It is the most cost-effective heating (or cooling) solution

Today, in order to heat your home or workplace, petrol & other heating methods are no longer necessary. You no longer need to feel the stress associated with the cost of petrol and/or its quality. You also no longer need to worry about the maintenance and repair costs of the furnace! Through the use of heat pumps and the use of the AIR, you can create heating and/or cooling! The air is an inexhaustible resource and totally free of charge.   

In addition, you can use heat pumps to heat your water during the both the winter and summer months.

Even at very cold temperatures, below 0⁰C, AQUATHERMAL’s heat pumps function exceptionally well in order to achieve the high temperatures that are necessary to reach the desired levels that are set by its users. This is made possible by the products’ COP (Coefficient of Performance), which is very high, that is, up to 4,7. That means that for every 1kWh of electrical energy, the system produces up to 4,7kWh of heating (or cooling) capacity. AQUATHERMAL provides high temperature heat pumps meaning that they are able to heat water up to 80⁰C, achieving the best and fastest heating result in an energy-efficient manner!

«Using this technology, you will be up to 85% more energy-efficient!»

Finally, the installation of the units is easy with a very low installation cost, easily adapted to your home or workplace and is undertaken by trained AQUATHERMAL personnel. Each unit is small. There is no impact on the existing structure of your building. Also, they can be installed without impacting your existing heating system. In such cases, the heat pumps will use the existing heating bodies to distribute the heat. Each product comes with the necessary product certifications and a written 3 year performance guarantee. Within the 3 year period, AQUATHERMAL guarantees the correct installation and performance of its products.

  • It as an environmentally friendly solution

The technology that is used for heat pumps is environmentally-friendly with zero pollution emissions.

In addition, their use depends on the natural and inexhaustible resource, being the air.