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« At AQUATHERMAL you will be able to find the ideal solution that suits your specific needs and there are many reasons that our heat pumps are differentiated from the other heat pumps on the market ...»

  1. Our products have a high coefficient of productivity (4,7 COP. That is, an output of 470%).
  2. AQUATHERMAL products are certified.
  3.  Our products produce up to 80⁰C of heat, and offer both heating and cooling functions.
  4. In the market, most products produce up to 55⁰C without offering cooling functions.
  5. The installation is easy whether it is taking place in the home or office area and has a very low cost. It is performed by highly trained AQUATHERMAL personnel. Also, each unit is small.
  6. We offer a 3 year written performance guarantee. During this period AQUATHERMAL guarantees the correct installation and performance of its products.  
  7. They hardly make a sound. The sound level is equivalent to an air-conditioning unit.
  8. They are environmentally friendly and have zero pollutant emissions.
  9. The unit cover is galvanized.
  10. You have the ultimate control of the system: the heat pumps compressor uses a control inverter, which allows the system to produce the exact vacuum energy required, making it exceptionally economical and productive.
  11. Finally, heat pumps are able to completely replace traditional heating methods. The same unit produces cool air, thereby replacing air-conditioning units. Also each unit is able to be used for heating water and can be immediately connected with the solar water heating system or other water heating system that you may already have installed.